Hiramoto Laboratory

Silicon Nanotechnology and VLSI

1. Outline


Hiramoto Lab is a laboratory aiming at ultra-low power and high performance MOS transistors for future integrated electronics. The target is the “extended CMOS” in which various functionalities are integrated into CMOS platform based on so-called “More Moore” technology, as shown in the figure.


2. Research Subjects


(1) Device Improvement by Collaboration with Circuit Design

(1-1) Post-Fabrication Self-Improvement of Transistor Variability

(1-2) Low Power Devices Using Body Effect

(2) Device Physics and Variability

(2-1) Variability in Scaled Transistors

(2-2) Quantum Effects in Nano-Scaled Silicon MOSFETs

(2-3) Silicon Nanowire Transistors


(3) Nano Devices and New Functionality

(3-1) Silicon Single Electron Transistors and Integration with VLSI